VM Royal Gallery

VM Royal Gallery

VM royal

This free VM amazing gallery can function both as a module to display random products or any recent products all on a single go. This exceptionally free and easy to use VM Royal gallery is sure to create an exceptional image gallery using the product sliders associated with products segregated accordingly in specified categories.

This amazingly finished free VM gallery features a description box, navigation arrows, play/pause transition, full screen on/off optional button, a dedicated space for the product image, display of complete thumbnails for specific category accompanied with tooltips and optional scroller, full screen option button link option to each image slider in the gallery to new/current window and many more.

Definitely a great gallery that has been constructively designed to show unlimited product image all at a glance through thumbnails accompanied with the scroll bar to scroll down and up.

This free VM image gallery is highly customizable besides being completely free of cost. This free vm product gallery facilitates you to choose and control all the effects and functionalities of this free VM gallery as a whole.

Below are some of the functionalities that can be altered in accordance to your preference where you get to fully configure colors, text sizes, and look of the gallery for a perfect look through the module admin parameters:

  • Seven types of different image effects
  • Five types of transition effects Squares, Vertical Bars Sequence, alpha transition, Multi-Lines, Horizontal bars
  • Show unlimited number of image
  • Gallery width, height, object background color, images path, wmode, base color, arrow colors, image height & width, navigation arrows color, navigation arrows hover color
  • Customize the auto slider time interval & transition time
  • Customizable pre-loader color
  • Customize thumb active color thumb rows, thumb color, scrollbar color, scroll bar arrow color, scroll background color, scroll button color, navigation thumb background color
  • Background color for gallery
  • Description box color, text color, text size
  • Enable/disable short description, full screen, auto-scale, thumb scale, auto align, price, display prices with tax and many more.

This free VM Royal gallery is an extension ideal for any e-commerce stores selling products with a strong visual component. For a more definite and clear understanding of the customization features please go through the documentation tab below. Download this free VM image gallery, tweak with the easy to use customization parameters and add zing to your website or blog in your own way.

Royal Gallery Installation Video

  1. Show unlimited number of images
  2. Full Screen
  3. Play / pause and customize the auto slider time interval
  4. Customizable transition time
  5. Five types of transition effects
    • Squares
    • Vertical Bars Sequence
    • alpha transition
    • MultiLines
    • Horizontal bars
    • Squares Tiles
    • Circle Riples
  6. Customizable pre-loader color
  7. Customizable thumb rows
  8. Customizable background color for gallery
  9. Customizable thumb color
  10. Customizable scrollbar color
  11. Enable/disable short description

Download PDF for documentation (11.8 Mb)

  1. Download the module, Login to your joomla admin, install and publish it
  2. Pleae make sure the directory “/modules/mod_xmlswf_vm_royalgallery” has write permissions (755/775/777) by your program
  3. If you are not using default images path defined by VirtuMart, please configure the “images path” in the admin module parameters

If you have any troubles in installing or configuring the modules please open a support ticket