VirtueMart Vertical Gallery

VirtueMart Vertical Gallery

VM vertical

Introducing the all new VM Vertical Gallery packed with advanced configuration options where you can customize the whole look and feel of your website by just changing over the effects and options in the admin panel.

This free VirtueMart gallery has inbuilt module features to display featured products in respective category layouts. Features include VirtueMart products thumbs accompanied with tool tip, full screen image option, simple & sleek navigation arrows to land into different slides in the gallery and linkable full images to same or new window.

This trendy and classy VM product gallery also facilitates options to show only featured products, auto scroll thumbs, scroll works with mouse wheel, customizable thumbnail dimensions, gallery dimensions, background color, scroller colors and more.
Additionally, this free VM gallery has a drop down vertical thumb displays to add in title or price to the products and a description box to put in a few words detailing about the products and price, full screen option, navigation bars, play/pause buttons.

This automatic VirtueMart free gallery picks in the featured product images with any screen resolution and browser zoom. Add comma separated category ID’s in the admin parameters to show only specific categories. Mouse over the thumbs for the image to slide automatically without any clicks or keyboard usage.

Add sparkle to your website within the limited space with this cool all free image gallery!!!

  • Product thumb image scale/no scale option
  • Product full image scale/no scale option
  • Scroll works with mouse wheel too
  • Customizable thumbnail box dimensions
  • Customizable scroller color

  1. Download the module, Login to your joomla admin, install and publish it
  2. If you are not using default images path defined by VirtuMart, please configure the “images path” in the admin module parameters

If you have any troubles in installing or configuring the modules please open a support ticket