PicSell Documentation

PicSell Documentation

Installation Instructions

Unzip the downloaded pack first, you will find, files, Joomfish folder and readme.txt file.

Login to your Joomla admin panel, go to extension manager, browse and locate the file and then click on “Upload & Install”

You are done with installation.


We have divided the PicSell into two files due to the heavy size.  The contains the graphs for statistics. When you unzip the file, you will get a folder “picsell_plus” which contains another folder “administrator”. Just upload this “administrator” folder to the root of your joomla folder. After finishing uploading this, you can see the statistic graphs in the admin.

Configuration settings

Before you upload images and set your store, there are few essential things like sizes, watermark, currency, payment method to be configured.

Go to Components > PicsSell > Categories. Click on Settings button. You can see whole lot of settings there. Don’t worry, you do not need to set them all.

Categories Images Folder

By default it will be “components/com_picsell/galleries”. You do not need to change it.

Thumbs and Watermark Images Folder

By default it will be “components/com_picsell/gallery”, you do not need to change it.

Currency settings

Please find for “Sell Currency” in the settings. There are several currency types you can choose one from them. Currently there are USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, SEK, DKK, NOK, NZD, ZAR and BRL currencies available to set. If you need any new currency please open a support ticket at, we will add it for you. Set the currency symbol in the next option. By default it is set to $.

Size settings

There are four types of sizes you can configure in PicSell. 1,4,5 and 6.

Generated Demo image height and width

This is the height and width of the watermarked image that is generated by the program. By default they will be 0, which means, the uploaded image will not be resized and just watermark will be added.

If you set to specific height and width, it will be resized proportionately. But the image will not be cropped.

Other generated sizes

You can also specify the height and width of all other sizes (like S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL). When you upload single master file, all these files will be automatically generated by the program using the sizes configured.

Also please remember, the images will be resized proportionately but they will not be cropped.

Watermark Settings

Please note that the watermark will be created while you are uploading the images. If you want to change the watermark on an image, you have to upload that image again with required watermark settings.

Configure the watermark color in “RGB color of watermark”. The RGB code should be comma separated.

Configure transparency in “Alpha”. The values should be in between 0 to 127. 0 will be no transparency, 127 will be full transparent.

Configure the font size and font family as well.

Configure the x and y co-ordinates in order to position the watermark on the big image.

Configure the Watermark text.

Payment Gateway Settings

Currently the component has paypal, 2CO, Google Checkout, Moneybookers payment gateways and offline payment system.

Paypal configuration

It is easy to get paypal API Username, password and Key. It will hardly takes a minute to get the above API details. Please follow the steps below.

1. Login to your paypal Account
2. Go to My Account > Profile > API Access
3. Click on Request API credentials

You’ll get new API credentials.

Use your credentials to configure your PicSell component paypal parameters.
You can enable or disable test payments for using paypal sandbox

Offline Payments

To enable offline payments you should set “yes” to “Activate offline payment”. It will not take the user to any payment gateway, it will just collects the name, address, city, zip code, country, state, phone and email address.

Manage picture Downloads

You can specify how many times a picture can be downloaded after purchasing the picture. Specify the number of download limits in “Links Max Clicks” field. If the link got more than specified clicks, it will expire.

You can also set the lifetime of a download link. Please use “Days expire” to set the time limit for a download link.

You can also enable the expired link by following ways.

If the link expires by meeting its maximum clicks, go to “Links” then click on “reset” to reset the number of clicks.

If the link expires by its lifetime, go to “Links” then click on “renew” to enable the link again.

Click on “deny” to disable any working download link.

Email Settings

Please configure mail from, mail subject, and message using component parameters.

Pictures Show Size Type

It is about how you want to display your pictures in the front end. Please try different options and see the different in the front end to understand it better.

Order Management

In “Orders”, you can view all the order details. You can find orders in specific date range by applying date filter. You can also sort the order by amount, first name of buyer, last name and by date. It is possible to filter the orders by status of the transaction: paid, Pending, Not paid, Manual limited and Manual unlimited.

Status definitions

Paid: When the customer added items to cart and checkout and paid successfully with paypal.

Pending: The customer added items to the cart, paid successfully and the transaction is not processed or has some problem at payment gateway.

Not Paid: When the customer adds items to cart then checkout and quits at payment gateway without paying.

Manual Limited: Order created manually using “Make Links” and the download link has limited clicks and expiry time.

Manual Unlimited: Order created manually using “Make Links” and the download link has no limited clicks and no expiry time.

Sending free downloadable links

If you want to send free downloads, go to pictures and select one or more pictures that you wanted to send then click on “Make Links”. Fill up the form and save.

“Make links” form elements

Image ID’s: It is the ID’s of the images that you want to send.
Amount: The equivalent amount of the images.
E-Mail: Recipient email address.
Payer ID: It is just a reference to that order. You may use this as payer id in paypal.
First Name: First name of recipient
Middle Name: Middle Name of recipient
Last Name: Last name of the recipient.
Transaction ID: Transaction ID if there is any related transaction
Links type: Limited will have limited clicks and expiry time. Unlimited will not have expiry or click limits.


It is optional to show or hide the tooltip for categories or items under categories. There are two sizes and two colors of tooltips available, big, small, white, black, with arrow, and without arrow. You can choose any style.

Bulk Upload

This feature provides you a way to upload files in bulk. You can set published yes/no for the bulk uploaded images. The thumbnails will be created automatically with the size configured in the component parameters. You can also set a price for all the bulk upload items. The default price will be zero which means it enables free downloads. So, please be careful to set any custom price.

Bulk Edit

Now you can choose multiple items and edit them at a time.

Please remember that the max form file uploads were limited to three items in php 5. So please adjust “max_file_uploads” value in your php.ini according to your requirement. This restriction is only for Bulk edit not for bulk upload.

Sell Multi Size Images

Now with new PicSell you can sell four different size of pictures like XL, Large, Medium and Small. The radio button will show the picture size tool-tip automatically.
You can disable this feature by setting component parameter “Use sizes” to No.

Free downloads

You can enable free download on a specific file or image by setting its price to zero. By setting the price zero, the buy link will be turned as free download link.

Link categories to Joomla Menu

It is possible to link individual categories to the main menu.
While you are linking picsell component to the menu, select picsell -> Gallery -> Default Layout.
Please refer bellow image.

















If you want to link more than one category please separate the categories with commas.

PicSell ShowCase Mode

If you do not want to sell images or videos, you can just set “picsell Showcase mode” to “Yes”. It will not ask you to set price while in bulk upload and adding new product. You must set “Use Sizes” to “No” when you use this mode.

PicSell Gallery Mode

If you want use picsell as ShowCase and do not want to generate watermark to the preview images, please set “PicSell Gallery Mode” to “Yes”. You must set “Use Sizes” to “No” when you use this mode.

Use Sizes

If you do not want to use different sizes like S, L, XL, XXL, you can set “Use sizes” to “No”

Play video files

If you want to play a video after payment please set this option to “yes”. If you set this option to yes, it is not possible to download that video after payment.

Disable mouse right click

If you want to disable mouse right click through javascript please enable it.

Use AJAX for file upload

This option is for single image upload. If you want to upload images using ajax upload please enable it.

Use security permission

Enable this option if you want to provide more security to your selling items. With this option, only your program will access your images and they are not accessible to the public. But the demo images(watermarked) and demo videos will work. This option is very useful when you are in shared hosting. If you are on dedicated hosting then we suggest you to do this through .htaccess.
You can download it from :

Component Security Word

It is the unique security word used by the bulk upload program. It will be generated by the program automatically.

Search tags in unpublished items

If you set it to yes, the unpublished items also will be available in search. This can be used as a secret search. Suppose if you want to sell image to specific people and you do not want to show those images to every one. You can send the image name / title to the person whom you want to find those images.

Download item links directly

When you are selling the items that are hosted on other site (no in the picsell system) then you should look into this option. If you do not want let your users know the link location keep the option as “No”. This means, the picsell internally downloads the file and through to the user. If you set it to “Yes”, the pisell will send him the download link(hosted link) directly.

Open Separate page in new window

This is the option when you want to show image details in a separate page. In this case, when you click on the thumb , the demo image and details will be shown on separate page. This option is useful if you want to list all your demo images in the search engines.

Hide cart Type column

In the cart, there will be four columns about the item information. They are Name, type, size, price and remove. This option is about to show or hide the item type. The item type may be link (digital download) or print.

Collect shipping address

Set it to yes when you are selling prints or deliverable items. The PicSell will collects the shipping address before checkout.

Hide component cart

This option is to hide the default cart which will at the footer of all items. Do not disable it until you publish the cart module (which will comes in pack by default).

Cart Mode

  •  In Page: It is by default. The cart will be shows on the page.
  •  In popup with Show Cart link: When an item added to cart, the cart will be shows in pop up with show cart link.
  •  In popup without Show Cart link: When an item added to cart, the cart will be shows
  •  In popup- do not popup on buy link: It will shows the cart pop-up only when user clicks on “show cart”. It will not display pop up cart every time the user adds item to the cart.

Show thumbs in cart

It shows small thumbs(related to the item) in the cart.
You can specify the thumb site in the “Cart thumbs width” field which is next to “Show thumbs in cart” field.

Cart with quantity

If you enable it, users can increase number of units to purchase. It is mostly useful when you are selling prints.

Play video files

When you are selling videos and if you want to play them after successful purchase, set this option to yes.

You can set the video width and height in the next following two fields.

CSV delimiter, CSV Folder, Escape symbol, CSV type, Pre and post CSV delimiter

These are all related to csv file that you want to export or import. If you want a csv format, please go to components > PicSell > files. Then click on export CSV, you will get the sample csv format according to your csv stettings.

Enable Responsibe template (New in V 14.4)
To enable picsell responsive template, please go to components > PicSell > Templates. You can see the below screen.

Click on Reponsibe Tab and select “activate responsibe layout”. Now hit the button “Prepare the thumbs for responsibe template”. It will generate the thumbnails of all images with the settings saves under responsibe tab. Please note that, everytime you change the responsive settings thumbnail base width and base height, you need to click the button “Prepare the thumbs for responsibe template”.

When you want to switch back to classic layout please select “no” to acivate responsive layout under responsive tab.

Short codes

Short codes works only when you enable the PicSell plugin through the plugin manager.

Short code you need to use: {PicSellCat}category_ID1,Category_ID2 {/PicSellCat}

example: {PicSellCat}2,3{/PicSellCat}

2, 3 are category id’s




PicSell App for Android


Now it is easy to sell your image right from your android smart phone. Just install the PicSell app for Android and login to your site through the app.


You need to set up the Mobile login in the PicSell admin from your Joomla. Follow the steps to set up the login for your mobile app.


Mobile version screenshots


login  list_images view_imageedit_image

How to set up the mobile password

Login to your joomla admin > components > PicSell > Settings > set the “password for mobile upload” password.

Now open the PicSell mobile app and login with your site URL and password. Hope you like our mobile app.