Vertical Gallery for Joomla

Vertical Gallery for Joomla

Joomla Vertical Gallery is a free, fully customizable and easy to use component + module image gallery that displays your personal photo albums or portfolio products in an exotic way.

Have a peek glance at the slide that sports in thumbs in a vertical row with a tool tip, full screen, auto-play, next/previous navigation arrows, image description box options, image linkable option to new or same window and many more.

The biggest advantage adds awesome image galleries with specified categories to your Joomla-powered website and also facilitates to change the settings or features the way you like without any hassle all for free.

You also have myriad customizable options to configure with the auto play time, alter colors, font size and dimensions of thumbnails and gallery as a whole through Joomla gallery admin parameters. Add comma separated category ID’s in the admin parameters to show only specific categories.

These free vertical galleries compatible with Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7 and 2.5 versions will surely help you take your Joomla website to the next level.

Add a photo gallery to your Joomla project with this all new Joomla Vertical Gallery. Download right away and enjoy!!!

  1. Download the module and install it through your Joomla admin
  2. Go to the module and enter the images, configure the other admin parameters if required to change the width, height, font sizes, colors, background colors etc..

If you have any troubles in installing or configuring the modules please open a support ticket

After purchasing the module, you will get download link to your email immediately. Please download full version and extract it then follow the below instructions to upgrade to full version.

  1. Login to your ftp
  2. Go to “/modules/mod_vert_gallery/xml” and delete “all existing” files
  3. Go to “/modules/mod_vert_gallery” and delete “all existing swf” files
  4. Upload full version swf file to “/modules/mod_vert_gallery”

Note: Clear your browser cache and refresh in the front end