Joomla Smart Slide Show

Joomla Smart Slide Show

J smart

Joomla smart slide show – as the name implies – is a smart, super easy, slick and free Joomla slideshow module to present your images, products, services and works on Joomla sites. Click or mouse over on the pagination numbers to move along the slider.

Joomla Smart Slide show module represents images sliding and fading in no time coupled with the amazing slider overlay and the module is able to resize your images on the fly and display the full size original in an elegant way
This great fully configurable, simple image rotator, Joomla smart slide show image slider module will spice up any image gallery with smooth effects without any extra bulky components.

Alter the module parameters and have control over module display to change image display, width, height, border, enable/disable image titles, image descriptions and buttons, add internal or external link to each image in rotation, configure Module background, description text and buttons colors, adjust button distance, show/hide buttons and more. Highly recommend as it is easy to setup, efficient on system resources and work perfectly with simple functionality.


  • Image display options: Scale image, No scale, show all, exact fit options
  • Adjustable button distance
  • Highly customizable button, font, title bg colors
  • Show/Hide buttons
  • See more customizable options in documentation
  1. blur
  2. alpha
  3. left
  4. right
  5. top
  6. bottom
  7. breath
  8. breath blur
  9. barsConverge
  10. blindsUp
  11. barsFlip
  12. blindsOpen
  13. stripes
  14. iris
  15. blindsMovingDown
  16. barsRight
  17. squaresFlip
  18. barsWavy
  19. blendHardLight
  20. blendMultiply
  21. blendDifference
  22. barsIntersect
  23. squaresLight
  24. blindsWave
  25. blendAddative
  26. squaresScale
  27. barsLeft
  28. barsOpen
  29. blindsDown
  30. blindsMovingUp
  31. philoAlpha
  32. philoBlurSquare
  33. philoClouds
  34. philoDisc
  35. philoFlipHorizontal
  36. More effects coming soon

Visual Documentation – PDF Format (4.46 Mb)

  1. Login to your joomla admin, install the module and publish it

If you have problems in using this module please open a support ticket at

Frequent image problems troubleshoot: